| May 23, 2014

Articulate how Paul’s argument in Romans is foundational to the Biblical/Christian Worldview. Recognizing that Romans is not a systematic theology and does not contain all the essential truths that are relevant to a Worldview per se, consider how the apostle Paul articulates truths that are foundational to the Biblical Worldview. The goal of this assignment is to interact with the text of Romans in order to express what it teaches regarding the Biblical Worldview. You should address the following components:

o What does Romans inform us regarding Creation?
o natural creation
o humanity/human nature
Sin: What are the consequences of sin?
• Salvation: What does Romans teach about Salvation?
o The nature and mission of Jesus Christ
o Justification by faith
o Sanctification/life empowered by the Holy Spirit

Eschatology: What does Romans teach about Gods ultimate goals?
Ethics: How are Christians to live in this world?
Theology: What does Romans teach about the nature and attributes of God?


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