Role of the LPN during A health assessment

| March 13, 2014

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Must be APA style 6th edition , 5 page total PLUS the cover page(per apa style) and reference page at the end , so a total of 7 pages,
This are some ideas and topics to talk about in the paper
What are the Responsibilities and the role of a license practical nurse during the health assessment of a patient, what should be of concern, what to report,
What are some cultural consideration related to the health assessment
What are the Risk involved in a health assessment and how can the lpn prevent this risk
what are some liabilities the lpn must be aware when performing a health assessment on a client
What are some communication skills that can be used to assist the elderly in a health assessment.
How does a health assessment different between infants , adolescents young adults and older adults
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Benchmark: Individual Client Health History and Examination (A Direct Care Experience
Body Dysmorphic Disorder


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