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| July 17, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The aim of this assessment is to look at an industrial robotic system and understand the functionality of its major components and operational features and their integration at functional level.

Learning Outcome for the assessment










Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the foundations of the different aspects of engineering.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of materials used in engineering.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the role of the engineer.

Ability to investigate a product or service according to a client’s brief.

Ability to work as a team in carrying out research on major components of a system and explain their working principle and operational features.


Ability to communicate effectively, both orally that enables documents and projects results to be presented at a good standard.

Format of the Assessment with mark distribution


It is highly recommended that your report follows the structure as laid out below.




Mention main aims and objectives of your research. Identify a robotic system (such as a robot used in the car industry) and explain briefly its suitability in the context.


Functional Block Diagram:


Draw a functional block diagram of the robotic system showing its major components, their integration and signal (data) flow within the system, which helps understanding the system at functional Level.


Working Principles and Integration:


You are required to explain briefly each functional block and their major components and how they work together by processing and exchanging data and or signal. Identify different types of signal (such as electrical/optical/sound) in the system.


Material and Design Issue:


Choose at least one component of the robotic system (such as its arm) and explain the suitability of the material used to construct the arm. Also look at the design of the robot and explain the rationale behind its size, shape and structure.




You need to evaluate your system in this section by highlighting its key features and any environmental impact and safety issues. You can also include your own thoughts or ideas in relation the improvement/enhancement of its performance.

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