Riverwoods Case Analysis

| June 19, 2015

Riverwoods Case Analysis

You are required to read, analyse and write a case report on case: River Woods Plant Manager (the case is attached). The length of the case analysis should be no more than 1,500 words. In Essay format and Harvard referencing (minimum 10-15 sources).

•    To assess your ability of identifying key issues or problems in a case
•    To assess your ability of applying the concepts and theories in the course in real-life situations
•    To assess your ability of solving problems in real-life situations

In writing a case analysis, you will have to put yourself in the shoes of real managers. You need to analyse the situation to determine the problems and opportunities; set objectives considering resources available to you and constraints you face; develop and assess alternatives possible to solve the problems; and recommend a plan of action.

Specifically, you will evaluated by the following points:
•    A clear statement of the business problem(s).
•    Your analysis of why the problem(s) exists. This should include the facts that support your analysis.
•    Identification of feasible alternative courses of action. The important word here is ‘feasible.’ A good analysis should help you in deciding among alternatives.
•    Your decision about a course of action and your implementation plan to carry out your decision.

1. identify key issues or problems
2. present data and analyse the data
3. provide alternatives of solving the issues to the problems
4. give your recommendations and explain why

Knowledge – ?
•    Understand critical theories of Organizational Behaviour (OB)
•    Use the theoretical framework to analyse real life situations
•    Gain self-awareness of managerial skill-set
Critical thinking and problem solving –
•    Apply a framework of multidisciplinary theories of OB to analyse and solve problems
Written communication –
•    Identify critical issues in situations
•    Propose and assess alternatives to solve the problems arising in situation analysis
•    Recommend a solution considering resources and constraints
•    Use logic, evidence, appropriate language and format to express ideas
Ethical, environmental and sustainability responsibility –
•    Undertake managerial tasks in a legal and ethical manner
•    Manage self and others in a just and equitable way
•    Achieve a balance between work and life
•    Respect and operate within moral boundaries
Social and cultural awareness –
•    Develop an open mindset
•    Embrace diversity and differences in human’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviours in organizational context
•    Be a good citizen
Course Textbooks
Whetten, D. and Cameron, K., Developing Management
Skills (with MyManagementLab). Global Edition (8e). Upper
Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, 2011. (ISBN-
9781408283509 • ISBN-10 1408283506)
Robbins, S. P. and Judge, T. A., Organizational Behaviour
(15e). Pearson International Edition, 2014 (ISBN-10:
0132834871 • ISBN-13: 9780132834872)

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