Risk Management & Internal Control System in Banking Institutions

| July 22, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1) Minimum of 50,000 words, not including appendices and bibliography page

2) Title Page: Your name and home address, date, word count

3) Contents List: full list of sections, including appendices and bibliography page

4) Executive Summary: one page summary which outlines, in no more than three short paragraphs, the main findings of the report. It should be in the third person and present tense

5) Introduction: a succinct explanation of the aims, scope and context of the report, and should include brief details of any information necessary for the reader to understand it.

6) Main Body of the Report: the account of the problem you are writing about.

7) Conclusions: Do not confuse conclusions (where you draw together the threads of the preceding discussion to make some overall points) with recommendations (where you say what should be done about the conclusions you have reached).

8) Recommendations: actions which your conclusions lead you to believe are necessary or would benefit the problem or situation.

9) List of References and Bibliography: the list of sources referred to in preparing your paper.

10) Appendices: material suitable for appendices include sets of complex figures or statistics, or supporting documentation (e.g. extracts from company reports, etc.)

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