Risk Management

| October 28, 2015

The ability to model risk is a critical aspect in risk management. An effective model presents the user with the ability to analyse different scenarios and benchmarks across an organization.
This has to generally be completed with limited data or direction.
You are to research and develop a suitable risk model, cognizant of the supplied data. Your model must include threat analysis sheets.
The data defines a scenario where you facilitated a group input session to gather the following data:
-Crime statistics. Obtained from the local Police Crime Prevention Officer.
-List of Risks. A list of possible risks generated by the scenario group brainstorming session.
-Risk Analysis Data. Raw risk data from each person within the group.
-Asset Register. List of organizational assets, including description, age, current value, replacement value, criticality to organization.
You are to demonstrate and present your model, including formula, spread sheets, etc.
-To support your model, attempt to utilize an existing and valid risk models as a theoretical foundation. Remember, security’s role is to manage the threats which pose a risk.
-You will have to define your own scenario, perhaps utilizing a local commercial organisation as your foundation. Make your own assumptions to support your scenario.
Note: With the Excel file, please be aware that this contains four (4) separate sheets. Just click on the bottom tabs to view each.

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Application of Operational Police Strategy
Application of Operational Police Strategy


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