| March 1, 2014

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introduction ..
I’ve been working on my dissertation since long time with an other writer on the order number 937338 he did good job but now he wanted to leave and I am still not finishing my dissertation + the deadline is next week ,
now i will upload for you the work done by the other writer which need to be completed and the instructions need to be followed one by one from the tutor.
this work is made on a logistics company could TLC TAKHZEEN LOGISTICS COMPANY here in Saudi Arabia i work on now and i did some paper studies before i will also upload these papers to help you continue the work +
there is one full study made by an English company about this business in Saudi Arabia where you can find all the information needed like ( market , risk , competition ,size and all other related BTW TAKHZEEN WAS LISTED IN THIS STUDY.
here is the latest email from tutor where it is suggested to use Rao and Goldsby framework.
Dear Almuthana,
I have just read your draft, which is improved. A further improvement would consist in aligning your LR exactly on the 4 sections described in my email below.
Per my email of 27 January, I am now expecting the empirical part of your dissertation that describes the methodology and presents the results of your own data collection. The structure of the interview should reflect the structure of the LR – for example, using the Rao and Goldsby, 2009 framework.
Has your manager agreed to answer your interview questions? As discussed, this is an essential part of your dissertation, without which I cannot give you a pass grade.
You now need to hurry as the deadline for holding your oral defense is Friday 14 March.
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