Riordon 2016 Network Upgrade

| February 15, 2016
First: Rewrite “Indiv Implementation Plan W3” document to look more professioal in APA format
I have the first draft in the uploaded files marked “Indiv Implementation Plan W3”. I followed the Implementation Plan template.doc to have most of the boxes check for this part of the project. The other parameters is: Business strategies for implementation; Both technology- and human-based safeguards used for information systems; Information comparing security requirements of out-sourcing and in-sourcing
; Comparison of technical, user, and system training documentation; Timelines and the need for their accuracy; Reference page. Information on the rough draft can be changed if do not add up or needs more or less, that is why I added Information on the company.

Second: I need a website to be formed with links to other pages,”site needs to be multiple page,” on the site describing the project to the company. The website will act like a powerpoint presentation for the project. Information from the Implementation Plan can be copied and paste on to the website. The website most demonstrate: Effective file management ;Accurate and functional markup code; and Effective and functional navigation. The website parameters are: Apply usability best practices and principles of design; Page content is organized and professional; Create effective navigation for the site; Integrate multimedia effectively; Use internal, external, and anchor links in the site; and Demonstrate the plan for testing.

I added a folder with an example, “CMGT445 W4 Indiv Website Example”, that can be used as a template or used as a guide for the project. What ever is easier to complete the project as long it is original work and it can be opened by dreamweaver.

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