RI-MAC: A Receiver-Initiated Asynchronous Duty Cycle MAC Protocol for Dynamic Traf?c Loads in Wireless Sensor Networks

| March 5, 2014

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A paper critique will be written depending on the research paper that will be uploaded by me. I ll send you the link. Also i ll send you the format which is expected by my prof.
Here is the questions that will be answered.
Part A: Briefly identify the key contributions of the paper
–What research problem does it try to solve?
–Why is it an important problem?
–What’s the proposed approach?
•Part B: Try to find if there is any problem in the paper
–Any problems in the assumptions?
–Any technical shortcomings or drawbacks?
–Do the experimental results support the original claim?
•Part C: Any idea for improvement?
–Any improvement in the assumption?
–Any new techniques? design?
–Any new evaluation method?
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