Rhetoric Analysis: John Bellamy views on the socioeconomic system of capitalism and the collective degradation of the ecology

| May 21, 2014

The global environmental catastrophe in the current world order has been a subject of much controversy, giving rise to a variety of scholarly, political, and economic debates moving around the guilt of humanity. John Bellamy writes about capitalism and the accumulation of catastrophe, postulating a fundamental link between the socioeconomic system of capitalism and the collective degradation of the ecology, employing a critical perspective into available literature and the unique reality. Indeed, the catastrophe is the underside of the human condition associated with the culpable nature and vulnerability to transform the face of the earth, controlling nature to befit our own mischievous interests. The capitalistic character of exploitation in its angelic nature has led gradually to the accumulation of the cataclysm, a crisis that deserves much illumination into the universal aspect and the implication of this socioeconomic system. In my own accord, capitalism has fabricated more harm than good, with its productive force generating immense consequences, destructive in nature, which should not be assumed. Therefore, an observation into its character is a significant course to pursue in order to find probable regions of its structure, which can be altered to address the posed effects.

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