Rewarding Human Resources: Analysis of the Article, “ADP Competes Deal for Human Resources Business” by Roseland, N.J.

| May 19, 2014

Human resource management is undergoing significant transformations in terms of designing management systems that focus on rewarding employees, as primary assets in any successful company. The article by Roseland indicates the significance of acquisition of the human resources. Roseland highlights the probable attainment of Automatic Data Processing Inc (ADP) in the acquisition of SHPS Inc’s HR subsidiary and employee benefits. ADP had experienced a fall of shares by 4 cents, and in order to improve its human resources, acquisition of HR subsidiary was necessary. According to Roseland, ADP gives human resource services to the organizations, which outsource work. In implications, acquiring SHPS’s human resource solutions will provide a wide platform for expanding the number of services, which can be offered by ADP. The main target of adding this human resource division is to enable ADP to increase its performance in terms of reimbursement systems and management flexibility. Moreover, it will focus on employees’ benefits that will enhance the human resources of this company.

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