Reward Management assignment (Human Resource Management , cipd)

| March 22, 2015

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Commentators have identified a significant shift in reward management over the last 30 years or so , from concern for equity in payment systems towards a concern with their role in supporting organisational strategy. A key element of this shift is seen as being a change in emphasis from “paying for the job” towards “rewarding contribution”.
in respect of the UK region which you are familiar, indicate the extent do you think that, a) this shift has happened in practice? b) it has been a ‘good thing’?
must have a clear introduction which sets the scene and articulates the argument that will be followed
defines reward management / historical background as to why the shift took place ( why is reward management better and the critical significance of this shift)/ old pay to new pay – old pay is basic pay and new pay is the reward pay which is bonus related and challenges :the employee individual, the business organisational reward strategy the business shareholder in a (customer service call centre environment). the shift of old pay goes from a pluralist view to a unitarist hr view. although strategically pay systems try to make sure that their are no differences between individuals there is a real issue on equity. job evaluation systems or narrow grading systems are far to complexed to determine a fair and equitable pay and reward system.
must be based on the UK Context of reward strategy and pay strategy in organisations.
must be written by a UK professional academic with articulate evaluation throughout. must use journals to support what has been said , theories and can you reward management factsheets on cipd website. (
make sure that their is a strong line of argument with a critical evaluation and a strong conclusion is vital .
must try to obtain a high merit , nothing less than a 67%.
needs to use a range of sources that are uk focused and of other countries. harvard citing and referencing is vital with a bibliography
must be well structured with clearly identified ideas.. u must drive your argument with strong evidence using examples such as call centres where reward systems can cause problems for individuals such as Royal Bank of Scotland call centres in the UK OR others.
any questions email me or call me
variable pay is central to this argument : find complex ideas and evaluate using referent theory and journal articles generating an original interpretation.
will be based on individual performance related pay and what motivates people in work. is this effective yes and no.. develop points further with an overlapping point of view to express a complexed reward system.
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