Revenue Management

| May 20, 2015

Requirement: Report Format Benchmark: 3,500 words ± 10%

The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate an understanding of the key factors associated with revenue management.


You are required to undertake a comprehensive discussion and critical analysis of Revenue Management.

For the purpose of this assessment, you are a newly appointed Revenue manager of a four to five stars hotel in Australia. (You are allowed to represent any hotel in Australia)
The hotel is experiencing a significant decline in profits over the last eighteen months.

As the Revenue manager, you have been asked to prepare a research report including the followings:

The brief for your assessment is to:

1. Describe hotel revenue management and its benefits to the organization

2. Review critically areas of the hotel operations where revenue management should be applied and What are the current revenue challenges your hotel is facing

3. What are some potential courses of action and application of other sales and marketing techniques that the hotel could take to to turn around the hotel’s financial performance.

4. Analyse and discuss the strategic levers of hotel revenue management and how they can be manipulated to increase revenue

5. Recommend non-traditional ways in which revenue management techniques can be applied to increase revenue and how will the various hotel departments work together to remedy the current revenue shortfalls.

NOTE: Your reference list must contain references from the essential text and a minimum of 12 related journal articles. In text references must be applied.

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