Restructuring a Company

| February 11, 2014

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Following are the instructions for this assignment about restructuring a company in Qatar State. The company is Qatar Insurance Company at the link:
– The instructor told us to do a project proposal and outline on the previouse two weeks.
– A feedback was given from the instructor about the proposal and the outline.
The basic instructions were:
This week you will begin your Final Project for this module. The purpose of this project is to
apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or
problems. You will be submitting parts of this assignment in weeks 7, 8, and the completed
project in week 10.
Please read the following article: Nadler, D. A.., & Tushman, M. L. (1999) ?The organization of the future: Strategic imperatives and core competencies for the 21st century?, Organizational Dynamics, 28 (1), pp. 45?60. The article can be found in the attached file.
Imagine you are a consultant hired to restructure a company that is traditional in its structure and organization. (Use a company you know well or one for which you can get detailed information.)
Using Nadler and Tushman’s analysis and your own knowledge garnered from your readings and discussions, propose a restructuring of the company that would make it more competitive.
For week 7 your submission will be a proposal stating the organization you are using for your project. (The proposal is already done and is attached) You will need to discuss the organization in terms of the 3 Key issues mentioned in the article. How do these apply to the organization which you?ve chosen to discuss? The proposal also needs to include resources you will be able to use for your research. These sources may be articles on the industry or organization, the organizations website, the organizational chart, organizational structure articles and books, etc. (list of resources also listed in the proposal)
The overall theme of the article is summed up in the following points:
?4 Core Lessons of Strategic Design:
1. The environment drives the strategic architecture of the enterprise
2. Strategy drives organizational architecture
3. The relationship between strategy and organization design is reciprocal
4. The basic dilemma of organizational design remains unchanged
3 Key Issues:
1. What are key characteristics of the changing environment?
2. What are the strategic imperatives that come from those characteristics?
3. What organizational challenges will be created by the new strategic Imperatives?
The new strategic imperatives
1. Increase strategic Clock Speed
2. Focus portfolios with various business models
3. Abbreviated strategic life cycles
4. Create ?go-to-market? flexibility
5. Enhance Competitive Innovation
6. Manage Intra-enterprise Cannibalism
Organizational challenges due to the new strategic imperatives:
1. Increase Organizational clock speed
2. Design structural divergence
3. Promote organizational modularity
4. Structure Hybrid Distribution channels
5. Design metrical research and development
6. Construct conflict management processes
7. Organizational coherence
8. Executive teams? Nadler (1999, pp 45-60)
You will be using these points as you progress with your Project.
The required for this order is:
Week 10 Final Project
This week you will complete work on your Final Project. Your submission this week will be based on the proposal you wrote in week 7 and the outline you wrote in week 8. Please write this document as if you are addressing the management team of the organisation. You may do this in the form of a business report that you would write and post to the management team. In your report, you must include your plan for restructuring the organisation, and why the areas you identified should be restructured. You may use charts and other visuals to aid in the presentation of your recommendations. This assignment should be submitted as an attachment in the Assignments folder. The report should be 1500 to 2000 words.
Important reminder: You have received feedback on your project proposal and the outline. Remember to address these suggestions and comments in your final document. The feedback you receive is designed to help you improve your work and ultimately to improve as a student and business professional. It is always important to carefully and thoughtfully read your feedback. Your instructor is available to answer any questions you might have on the feedback provided.
1- Project proposal with the feedback from the instructor.
2- Project outline with the feedback from the instructor.
3- The main journal.
(Please, use the listed references)
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