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| September 21, 2016

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You can post a video or a link to the actual restaurant. Post early in the week, as each one of you must post a different restaurant than your classmates (You may “bookmark” your restaurant at the start of the week, but any bookmarked restaurants are fair game after Wednesday, meaning if you claim a concept, but fail to post before Thursday, that concept can be claimed by a classmate).
When identifying your example, provide an analyze that restaurant. Describe the theme and how the decor, menu offerings, and staff enhance or detract from that theme. Identify the target market and explain how the theme and the marketing create appeal for that target market. Remember, a target market is very specific. Utilize some outside research to determine what a restaurant target market is and be specific with your answer, using those sources to support your conclusions.

Finally, state whether or not you would like to visit this restaurant and why or why not.

For the ongoing discussion and response posts, discuss whether you think the featured restaurant will be successful for the long term and why or why not. Are theme restaurants in general successful? Is there any particular geographic location that they seem to work better than others? Why?

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What levels of the hierarchy of controls are most applicable to system safety? Are any levels not useful when applying system safety? Provide one or more examples that support your response.
Managerial Finance / Comparing Capital Expenditures

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