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| May 21, 2015

This response paper should be a deeper engagement with the principles, ideas, and perspectives in postcolonial theory that you glean from Barry’s introduction to it and the two examples of writers who “do” it, Edward Said (Orientalism) and Ngugi Wa Thiong’o (Decolonizing the Mind).

In writing your response paper, consider the following:

What are the central ideas in postcolonial theory? What does postcolonial theory “do”? (This is distinct from what postcolonial critics do–in other words, don’t just copy that list from Barry. Try to put into your own words the larger/broader interventions of postcolonial theory.)
In Said’s and Ngugi’s writings, what specific ideas, criticisms, arguments, etc. do they raise that are central to postcolonial theorizing? How are their writings distinct (in approach, in focus, in questions/criticisms raised)
As with the other response papers, if you quote directly or otherwise want to refer yourself and your readers to precise page numbers, include parenthetical citations. Again, your response paper should be typed in a Word document (submitted as an attachment here). It should be double-spaced, with a heading containing your name, the course, my name, and the date (MLA heading format), and be in a standard font and size. It is due by the end of Sunday, March 29.

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