Response Essay with a Source

| November 23, 2015

Response Essay with a Source The Assignment: You will write a 2-page essay in which you give your response to the article, “The Natural Way to Calm Down,” by Emily Main. You will paraphrase, summarize, and quote the author of this article in your response in MLA format as we have discussed in class. Your response paper should be persuasive as you argue why you agree or disagree with the author. Assignment Guidelines: Assignment Outline: i. Example: The first reason I disagree with Main is because doing homework outside could actually cause people more stress. Other Requirements: If you have questions I’m always available. You can use the class website to email me or stop by my office during my scheduled office hours. If that time does not work for you, email me to make an appointment. Get the assistance you need to do your best work!

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Response Essay with a Source
Response Essay with a Source

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