Responding To a Reading: Giving Up a Baby

| January 23, 2014

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Sample Essay
Responding To a Reading: Giving Up a Baby
This assignment is a response to the reading “Giving Up A Baby” which is about a young lady who was 17 years and she got pregnant. She made u decision of giving up the child for adoption soon the baby boy was born. The assignment is meant to analyze if she made the correct decision to give up her child for adoption. According to her she did the correct decision at that point despite of the opinion of others who were there who thought the decision was selfish. The young lady arrived to the decision of handing over her child for adoption after taking into considerations that she would not be able to bring the child and meet her obligations in life. In the analysis of this writing I will discuss for and against the reason which the lady used to make her decision. I do support and respect the personal decision which the lady did as it was to her conviction. Besides having a baby when she was young both herself and the baby who was adopted will leave a much better life based on if the arguments and reasons given by the lady would have turned up to be positive…ORDER NOW….
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