Respond to questions

I will attach the Contingency paper.
Part 1: Contingency Contract/Token Economy Intervention Plan – Areas of Focus  (10 points)
Share perspectives and interpretation of this assignment.
Are there particular areas of the assignment description that you have questions about or find challenging? .
Provide describe the focus of your plan.
Each member should address the following questions:
What type of intervention are you using (Contingency Contract or Token Economy)?
Who are the target participants/subjects of our plan?
What are the target behavior(s) (operationally defined / directly observable)?
Social significance?
Part 2: Contingency Contract/Token Economy Intervention Plan – Planning for Hypothetical Data (10 points)
In this part of your Team discussion, you will focus on the Monitor and Analyze Outcomes component of your Contingency Contract/Token Economy Intervention plan. Discuss with your Team how you plan to address this aspect of the Contingency Contract/Token Economy Intervention assignment.
Consider the following in your Team discussion. In the Contingency Contract/Token Economy Intervention assignment, you are asked to provide, using hypothetical data:
A visual representation of the completed contract or token economy,
one data sheet,
one graph, and
a handout used for training others. (Anyone who reads your plan should be able to follow through with what you are going to do. It needs to have enough detail that it can be replicated by anyone.)
The hypothetical data component of your Intervention plan is an important element of this assignment.  You are creating, displaying and interpreting data to illustrate:
1. The extent to which your plan enables the observation/collection of data that is relevant to the purpose of your Intervention.
2. Your ability to accurately observe, record, and visually display your data.
3. Your ability to interpret the data relative to your intervention plan.
Your interpretation should go beyond statements such as  “based on the data, the intervention worked’ or ‘the intervention didn’t ‘work’ “. This is your opportunity to demonstrate to the reader how you have structured your Intervention plan to yield data which can accurately inform your interpretation of the impact of the plan—and your subsequent refinement.
As would be the case in the field, your ‘audience’ for this assignment/plan includes other Professionals who are versed in Applied Behavior Analysis (intervention team members, behavior technicians, educators) as well as informed laypersons such as your client’s parents.  Your training materials (handout) and your report should demonstrate professional tone and terminology of the field – as well as convey your interpretation of the data in a way that can be understood by a range of readers.
In your team meeting:
Discuss how you plan to address these aspects of your intervention plan.
Do you anticipate particular challenges?
Engage in discussion on how these considerations can be effectively addressed.