| February 14, 2014

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My assessment is on RESPIRATORY COMPONENT (Asthma)
Please can you follow the following criteria below and make sure that it is in UK Standard English. Please I do not want to experience with what happened with my last order because it was terrible. Please follow the criteria bellow:
1. Can assess, plan, implement and evaluate care efficiently and effectively for patients suffering with respiratory dysfunction.
2. Demonstrates advanced knowledge of respiratory anatomy and physiology.
3. Demonstrates advanced understanding of respiratory conditions (asthma) and therapeutic interventions for asthma.
4. Evaluates the effects of the respiratory system on other body systems (e.g. cardiovascular, neurological)
5. Demonstrates ability to link SIRS/sepsis/MODS with respiratory system.
6. Nursing care.
7. Harvard references, also references must be between 2006-2013.
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