Research workshop for media analysis

| March 22, 2015

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You are required to write a 2000 word reflective research essay based on a piece of media analysis you will undertake after the workshop.
You should structure your essay around these five sections:
 Introduction: Briefly introduce your topic and specify your research question(s). [5 points]
 Background: A brief overview of the sociological literature on your chosen research topic, no more than 350 words. Use Google Scholar and the City University library catalogue to find relevant books & journal articles on the subject. [10 Points]
 Methodology: In this section you should describe your research question, the data you chose to analyse, how you selected the data units (i.e. why this newspaper article(s)?) and your choice of analytical or theoretical approach. This section should also describe how you handled the text or images you looked at (i.e. did you use a coding frame or other approach to elicit understanding, how did you sort and analyse the text and images?) [25 points]
 Findings: In this section you should outline the substantive findings from your analysis. What did your research tell you about the research question? What have you learnt about the topic you were investigating? You should illustrate your findings with primary data (text excerpts, quotations, images etc.) to provide evidence of how you have drawn your analytical conclusions [20 points]
 Critical reflection: In this section we are really interested in hearing your critical reflections about your analysis you will not lose marks for describing weaknesses in your design or analytical approach. Some questions you might want to include:
 How appropriate was your research design? Could you have made different or better choices of research question, data, and analytical approach?
 Were your findings affected by any of these choices? How?
 What would have improved your research?
 Would a different analytical approach have provided an alternative reading of the ‘text’
you were looking at? In what way?
 What’s your assessment of the strengths & weaknesses in your analytical approach?
 What role did you play as a researcher? Are there ways in which you influenced or
biased your final interpretations because of your own subjectivity?
 What ethical or practical challenges did you face? How did you deal with these? [40points]
Throughout your essay you should make reference to relevant literature as appropriate.
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