Research Report on job: CEO OF A COMPANY

| March 22, 2015

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Research: Minimum of ONE personal interview as a primary source
3-8 secondary sources such as websites and journals that are reliable, credible, and cited
Title: Specific job title on page 1—no cover page or folder
Headings: Appropriate headings
Graphic: Include one to two graphics as visual support. Use the graphics to SUPPORT
your ideas, not as decoration.
Appendix: Brief summary of interview on last page (NOT a transcript)
Format: 3-4 pages within 1” margins (top, bottom, left, and right), single-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12-point type. Double space between paragraphs. Business writing style.
Process: Research your chosen field. Find out what career paths are within the field. Consider which jobs appeal to you, and then select one specific job that you would like to pursue for your career. You are welcome to be imaginative here. This is your chance to explore any job (as long as it is legal). Gather detailed information through secondary research. Interview someone within your selected field (ideally with experience in the specific job). Organize your data into clear, reader-friendly categories.
Compose a first draft and revise several times until you have a polished document that will answer a reader’s questions about the job’s requirements, salary, responsibilities, benefits, drawbacks, and opportunities. In addition, readers may want to know the education, skills, and experience required to get the job and become successful.
Format: You paper should include: Title, Introduction, Body (organized around three to five categories), Conclusion, Works Cited, and Appendix. Title each section and use subheadings within the body of the report. Also, include at least one appropriate visual aid within the body.
Expectations: This report should be a polished document that would be acceptable in a professional work environment. Ask yourself if you would be comfortable presenting this report in a portfolio to a prospective employer in your chosen career. Your report will be evaluated on both form and content. Please ensure that all sources are properly documented.
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