RESEARCH PROPOSAL on Bermuda triangle disappearances

| June 6, 2016

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL on Bermuda triangle disappearances
For this project you will create a research proposal as if you are applying to a grant agency to fund your investigation into the anomaly/scientific controversy. You will need to write a 5-8 page (double spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins) research narrative that explains the scientific rationale of your project, the aims and objectives, the hypotheses you will test and a detailed explanation of the methods you plan to use. Your paper should include the parts listed below, and needs to be turned in on D2L by the due date. The page limit does not include any tables or figures, the works cited list, or the budget. You will also need to include a budget and
justification. There is no upper limit to the budget. You are applying to a very rich granting agency. The rubric for this project is below:
Project choice and topic emailed on time: 5
Project update email on time: 5
Page limit met: 5
Formatting/Grammar: 10
Use of headings, all sections present, all questions answered completely, complete sentences, proper spelling, readability
Introduction: 20
List goals, explain some background info – what research has been done on this question before?, importance of study, list hypotheses
Methods: 20
Detailed explanation of data collection plan, clear description of variables and how they will be measured, description of plan for data analysis (what variables will you compare?), what are you going to do with the data once the study is complete? How will you avoid false rejection and false confirmation?
Conclusion: 10
Summary of why the study is important and what it will find
Budget: 10
In table form, list all the equipment/travel/lodging/food and salaries you will need and how much each will cost.
Budget justification: 10
Describe why the budget is necessary. Support your claims that you need the equipment you are asking for.
Works Cited: 5
Use a consistent format, should contain at least 3 reputable sources.
Total: 100

budget table on the 6th page

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