Research Proposal

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

The Research Proposal Should:

  • Be speculative in nature.
  • Be approximately two pages in length with 1” margins and 12 point font
  • Include the following information in paragraph form:
  • THE TOPIC: General overview of the topic, problem, theme, or issue addressed. Specify what the specific controversy about the topic is. Narrow topics in terms of defined locations, time periods, etc.
  • A RESEARCH QUESTION & RELATED RESEARCH QUESTIONS THAT HELP FOCUS THE TOPIC: Please see the PowerPoint on formulating a research question, available in Sakai Resources.
  • AN OUTLINE OF THE APPROACH YOU HAVE DEVISED TO EXPLORE THE TOPIC: The outline might specify key terms and concepts, name the cases you will study, and explain any proposed theoretical frameworks (such frameworks may be vague at this point)
  • (OPTIONAL) A TENTATIVE HYPOTHESIS: If you are able to, formulate a tentative hypothesis that answers the main research question posed above.
  • A PRELIMINARY BIBLIOGRAPHY of at least 4 credible sources.


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