Research Preparation: Principles and Approaches

| September 25, 2015

Core Assessment:
Weight 50% of overall mark for the Unit.
This assessment has three (3) parts and marks are allocated in the following way:
Part A: 1000 words (20%)
Part B: 500 words (10%)
Part C: 1000 words (20%)
Research usually falls within two major types: quantitative and qualitative. Compare and contrast these two types
using their philosophical underpinnings (1000 words).
PART B: As if writing for a journal article for publication:
1. Provide a purpose statement to describe the question to be addressed in a literature search
2. Document the databases or search engines used. Specify whether other sources (e.g. Information gateways) were
also accessed/searched and whether manual searching was also conducted.
3. Specify the limits applied to the search e.g. dates, language, human studies etc. and why.
4. List the inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria for the search to assist you to avoid missing important studies and
avoid including “false positive” search results. Criteria may include population characteristic, types of interventions,
outcome measures and types of studies and may be restricted to primary research only or specific methodologies.
Exclude specific literature reviews and systematic reviews as these are not original research articles.
5. List the search terms used. These terms should be derived from the purpose statement and identify the concepts of
interest. They should be tested several times to make sure that they are effectively locating literature on the topic
described in the purpose statement. It may be helpful to do this in consultation with a librarian. You may choose to
use text search terms or subject index terms e.g. MeSH, or a combination of these for the search. You should include
information such as exploding or focusing search terms, and the use of Boolean operators e.g. OR and, AND. Indicate
whether the terms used were truncated and if various ways of spelling the terms, plurals and synonyms were included
6. Document the search process for each search engine including search engine, terms and number retrieved on a
search results table (500 words).
Consider the following ethical issue which may be faced by a researcher. Describe the ways in which you would
actively address this issue a research proposal.
A research student collects data for a project from several individuals interviewed in families in Perth. After the fifth
interview, you are told that approval has not been received for the project from Edith Cowan University’s Ethics
What are the main issues that need to be addressed? What would you do? (1000 words)

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