Research Plan

| March 19, 2014

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4. A critical review of relevant literature: (1-2 pages)
5. A statement of the overall aims/objectives of the study: (1/2 page)
6. A description of the independent, dependent and mediating variables: (1/2 page)
7. Operational definitions of these variables: (1 page)
8. A description of the design/methodology of the study: (1-2 pages)
9. A description of the sample/sampling strategies, instrument and instrumentation; (1-2 pages)
10. Data collection procedures (1 page)
11. Data collection When possible):
12. Submit a written research plan that incorporates all weekly assignments not to accede 12 pages plus an annotated bibliography
If you found more appropriate articles there is no need to utilize the ones I have provided.
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Prevention of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes in home nursing: a qualitative interview study
Qualitative Research


Category: Research Methods

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