Research Paper Walmart’s Global Strategics In-Depth Integrative Case

Research Paper Walmart’s Global Strategics In-Depth Integrative Case 2.2
1. What was Walmart’s early global expansion strategy? Why did it choose to first enter Mexico and Canada rather than expand into Europe and Asia?
2. What cultural problems did Walmart face in some of the international markets it entered? Which early strategies succeeded and which failed? Why? What lessons did Walmart learn from its experience in Germany and in Japan?
3. How would you characterize Walmart’s Latin America strategy? What countries were argeted as part of this strategy? What potential does this region brings to Walmart’s future global expansion? What cultural challenges and opportunities have Walmart faced in Latin America?
 4. What group of countries will be targeted for Walmart’s future growth? What are the attractiveness and risk profiles of these countries? What regions of the world do you think will be vital for Walmart’s future global expansion?
Present your answers to the case questions using APA-format: Ten to twelve pages about 2500 words, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. Also, please ensure that you cite all scholarly information paraphrased or quoted from your researched sources of information on the case topic. Finally, be sure to include a separate Reference Page on which you list all of your research information sources according to correct APA citation style, depending on the kind of source: book, chapter, published article, internet article, etc.

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