Research paper outline

| December 12, 2015

Research paper outline

Research paper Outline: This takes the form of a detailed, well-structured outline of what will become your final research paper. The outline must include:
1) A clear argument or hypothesis. What problem are you addressing and what do you think is the specific cause (linked to Transsexualism and Discrimination) that is behind this problem, conflict or controversy?
2) A brief outline of the dominant approaches to this problem, and how you will provide a better or critical approach that will situate sexuality, globalization and power at the center of your study.
3) A clear plan that states how you will lay out research that will prove this argument, and which sources you will use to prove this argument.
4) Identify which group or leader (or artist, or writer?) you will interview after you have done extensive research. This interview will provide ?live,? ?expert? perspectives on this issue. This interview does not have to be face-to-face. It can also be by skype or by phone.
5) This outline should NOT have footnotes or quotes. But it does need to include a LIST of at least 5 books, 10 scholarly articles, and several online or journalistic sources, in addition to your interviewees.
6) This outline should be about 500-700 words long. But VERY well polished and structured.
7) Make our own title.

The article you may use
Currah and Mulqeen

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“Medical Errors & Patient Safety, Impact on Quality of Health Services”
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