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| February 14, 2014

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For the final project, you will write a 5 to 7 page research essay using any of the graphic novels we have read in class to explore an outside subjected related to the themes, aesthetic choices, characters, genre, etc. of the graphic novel you have chosen. You can interpret this broadly—so long as the themes are justifiably connected to the book you have chosen, and as long as you consistently draw connections between these outside ideas and your graphic novels. In addition to your graphic novel, you must use a bare minimum of three outside academic* sources (I expect for a higher grade you will use closer to five).
As always, avoid opening with broad statement about the work. Start your essay with a brief but specific description of a passage (or two, if you are using more than one book) from your chosen source texts that exemplifies a deep and interesting (i.e., not obvious) argument about the work as a whole. Once you have explained and contextualized your passage, use it to ask a question about the book that you will use your research to help explain and answer.
Because you are working with comics, your essay must incorporate elements of both critical literary analysis and formal visual analysis.
(to essay writer – choose whatever topic you prefer as long as you can write a better essay on it – I don’t care which, thanks).
1. This comic focuses on the subject of traumatic memory, the memory of a people put through historic periods of deep strife. You might research the subject of traumatic memory and investigate how Maus is representative of a literature of traumatic memory. You might also investigate how Maus effectively captures the period in which it is looking.
2. You might otherwise investigate the aesthetic choices of Maus, relating to specific artistic movements (for example, How does Maus reflect Nazi propaganda art?)
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