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| July 9, 2016

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For this final assignment, you will design a research study. You can choose to any qualitative or quantitative approach you prefer. You do not need to complete your study, of course, but submit a full plan for the study that includes:


  1. Importance of the topic: why does this research study need to be done? What does previous research in this area tell us about your topic? keep the discussion of previous research limited to no more than a few paragraphs; provide a brief overview of previous research only.


  1. The research question: What research question(s) are you trying to answer with this study? Is your research study well-fitted to your proposed research methods?


  1. Participants: who are your participants? What criteria will you use to select and exclude participants? How many participants would you like to have? In what kind of context will you find / recruit your participants?


  1. Data collection: what kind of data would you collect? For how long would you collect data? How much data would you collect? What instruments would you use to collect data? What kind of demographic information would you collect on your participants?


  1. Data analysis: how will you analyze the data that you collect? How will you address threats to the credibility of your findings?


  1. Anticipated findings: What do you anticipate you would find if you completed your study?


As you design your study, include rationales within each of the above sections to justify your choices. These rationales should include reference to our course readings, and you may use additional resources if you like.


There is no page minimum or maximum. A well-designed and defended study would likely run between 3 and 8 double-spaced pages. However, quantity of pages or words is not criteria for evaluation. Rather, address each question thoroughly and design a study that will answer your research question well.


Be sure to attend to what is appropriate for your own chosen research methodology. For example, including 25 participants in an ethnographic study is not an appropriate number of participants. Ethnographic studies, because of the deep nature of the data collection on each participant, typically have low numbers of participants.

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