Research on Black Literature and Freedom

| May 19, 2015

Patricia Williams uses her own personal narrative as a structure to how she models her essay. She also uses descriptive language, dialogue, figurative language, and metaphors to raise her themes.

Similarly to Patricia Williams, draft an 8 page essay based on your own personal narrative linking to issues relative to racism against Black/Black culture. Use the rhetorical strategies i.e. personal narrative and descriptive language like Patricia Williams.

Do not however, raise the points of Patricia Williams, as this should be a personal narrative of your own story, and your own themes. The personal narrative does not have to be genuine, but make sure it is based on a personal story (Doesn’t have to be real, but make sure it’s in the perspective of a Korean if possible).

Make sure your narrative essay is linking relative themes to Black racism as this is on Black literature and freedom. Make sure the themes of this essay is backed up with articles, pictures/images as part of your research.


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