Research Methods Statistics

| December 15, 2015
  1. What are the assumptions of a correlated-groups t test?




4.What measure of effect size is used for a correlated-groups t test?





  1. The student in Question 5 from Module 18 decides to conduct the same study using a within-subjects design in order to control for differences in cognitive ability. He selects a random sample of participants and has them study different material of equal difficulty in both the music and no music conditions. The data appear below. As before, they are measured on an intervalratio scale and are normally distributed.


Music No Music


6 10


7 7


6 8


5 7


6 7


8 9


8 8


  1. What statistical test should be used to analyze these data?


  1. Identify H0 and Ha for this study.


  1. Conduct the appropriate analysis.


  1. Should H0 be rejected? What should the researcher conclude?


  1. If significant, compute the effect size and interpret.


  1. If significant, draw a graph representing the data.

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