Research Methods in Educational Contexts in the UAE

| February 16, 2014

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Course name: Research Methods in Educational Contexts in the UAE
This research proposal will be approximately 5000 words in length (excluding appendixes and references), written in Cambria, Calibri, Palatino Linotype, or Times New Roman, font size point 12, double-spaced, with a consistent style of citation in APA 6th edition.
The task is to write a proposal for an action research project to address and improve an aspect of your professional practice. You should include a description of research context and participants, justify your selection of topic, include a literature review, proposed data construction and analysis methodologies, highlight quality and ethical concerns. Use the headings below to structure your assignments:
1. Give a detailed description of the research context , then describe and justify your topic 2. Write a literature review to discuss current theory/practice in your topic
3. Describe and justify an appropriate research methodology
4. A short description of implementation strategies (link with literature review)
5. Describe and justify your approach to data analysis
6. Discuss how you would ensure quality and ethical aspects of your study
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