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| April 3, 2014

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Choose a research topic (for the dissertation in future) which appropriate replect the methodological choices and select method.
Assessment Criteria:
–Research Focus: Make a clear statement of the rationale for, and purpose of, the research. Link the purpose of the research to a specific research question.
–Literature: Demonstrate a critical knowledge & understanding of the literature relevant to the proposed research, and link it to the research question.
–Research Design: Demonstrate knowledge of theoretical issues affecting research methodology, and show the ability to synthesize theory by developing a practical approach to the proposed study.
–Practical Outcomes/Research Plan: Demonstrate an appreciation of potential benefits and problems associated with carrying out the research, and present a realistic and achievable research plan.
–Presentation: Choose an appropriate title, and make a case for the research using a logical, and clearly structured, argument with references that follow academic conventions.
–Ethical Review: Demonstrate the ability to reflect on the ethics of undertaking research, and the potential impact of research on participants.
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Methods in Behavioral Research


Category: Research Methods

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