Research Literacies – 3

| October 16, 2015

This is the Final assessments in this subject.
The research topic should be the same topic in my first assessment (please look at My Assessment 1 file)
Then you should read the (Learning guide, and Assessment Worksheet) files.
And must take into your account:
1- The Description and instructions and Criteria and standards in Assessment 3 ( Page 13)
2- This assessment should be as a conference paper transcript.(please look at page 1 in assessment worksheet file) I mean format of a conference presentation.
3- In this subject I am from {HASS students}. (please look at Advice for HASS students on page 3 in assessment worksheet file)
The References should be from READING list:
It provides full bibliographic references for texts listed in the Weekly Schedule as either required or suggested reading.
It is therefore only a minimal list.
You are encouraged to seek out other sources more related to your specific field, project, or interests.Please find in attachments:
1- Learning guide
2- Reading list
3- My Assessment 1 to give you a clear picture.
4- Some of the Readings.
5- Assessment Worksheet

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Student Performance Feedback.
Case Management Plan


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