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| November 28, 2015

Write a 1400 word essay that places your Live DJ Set in context of both historical and contemporary electronic music and artistic performance. You must show a thorough and well-researched understanding of how other practitioners have approached live performance, taking into account
aesthetic, technical and conceptual considerations. The essay must show how your work is situated in relation to, and is inspired by, the work of other artists or artistic movements from a range of different disciplines.
Your essay should be based on extensive research of the topic you choose.
In making your essay choice, ensure that you research the topic fully, identify and discuss key protagonists and
the key characteristics of the genre, and where appropriate discuss the socio-political and cultural
environment surrounding your area of study.
Present your arguments with reference to specific examples, and avoid a reliance on chronological history of
practice and/or technologies.
You should utilise as many sources as you can for your research, and any book, magazine or online references
must be accredited using the Harvard referencing system
Direct quotations should be used, and must be referenced using the Harvard System.
Diagrams and illustrations may be used, but must also be appropriately referenced, and must be placed in
Use of Copy and Paste will be considered an act of plagiarism, except where this has been used to include a
diagram or illustration, in which case the image must also be referenced to Harvard standards.

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5 double spaced. Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony
Challenges of introducing new type of music into a curriculum, where this type of music does not exist.


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