Research Assignment, The Topic Is How Does The Energy Drinks Effects Our Body And Health

| February 16, 2014

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.helps determine whether subject has been researched before
.helps decide if research is necessary
.helps decide if research is worth doing
.reflect on topic and ask questions:
.is it practical to undertake research?
.will it be useful to do the research?
.draft a simple, clear title following these words: ‘my study is about…’
.or write what question needs to be answered
.consider whether the subject can or should be researched
.check existing research would ass something, or just replicate what already exists
.consider the amount of time and resources that the research will require.
The use of literature review:
.To summarize the important literature available on the subject
.to frame the problem to be addressed
.to provide direction for future research
.to uncover a proposed theory of, or explanations of problem
.for use as a comparison
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