Research an article and then answering the questions (1500 words)

| July 23, 2016

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Research the attached article, (Larsson et al (2011) Fish consumption and risk of stroke in Swedish women. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 93:487-493), and then answer the questions related to it, which are:


Section 1: What was the study about?

See the introduction and method sections.

1a. What was the research question?

1b. Was this a retrospective or prospective cohort study?

1c. Who was eligible for the study?

1d. What was the exposure variable of interest?

1e. What were the outcome variables?


Section 2: What is the risk of bias in the study?

See the method section.

2a. How did the researchers minimise selection bias?

2b. What confounding variables did the researchers take into consideration?


After the paper is completed, please mark it against the rubric to make sure everything is covered. (1500 words)

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