REQUIRED TEXT: Prebles’ ArtForms, Patrick Frank, 10th edition

| June 19, 2015

REQUIRED TEXT: Prebles’ ArtForms, Patrick Frank, 10th edition

Please Italicize the 25 vocabulary words being used in the essay from the Prebles’ textbook!

For this essay you will FIRST be designing two original works of art. Both artworks should be designed in a different cultural art style found in the following list of chapters from the textbook: chapters 17, 18, 19, or 24. These chapters from the text cover Non-Western European cultures.
Create two compositions that reflect the cultural art styles of the two Non-Western European cultures you have chosen. (Example: African culture and Japanese Culture)

**Use “Microsoft paint”, or “Photoshop” to do your designs. When saving your projects: save the file as a “GIF” or “JPEG” file. You can do this at the bottom of the save as window under the “save as type” pull down menu. You can find the paint application by going to programs>Accessories>Paint.

**Write a compare and contrast essay on the two works of art from the two different cultures that you have created (chapters 17, 18, 19, 24 or 25).
**Describe each cultures aesthetics concerning art making.
**Also, include inherent characteristics concerning stylistic qualities found in their artwork.
**Describe how your artworks reflect both the visual and philosophical approaches to art pertaining to the two cultures you chose.
Important***Do not to use the text as your ONLY source of information.
This will require you to cite (list) your sources. Citation also includes the need to signify your use of source material within the body of your essay using quotations and footnotes.
**Secondly, incorporate 25 relative vocabulary terms from the Prebles’ textbook in your description of the artworks.

Needs to be well written and statements are related and sequenced logically. Excellent description and analysis of content.

The three sources should be !
Prebles textbook
2. one of the culture u we will focusing on
3. the other culture you are comparing and contrasting




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