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The attached file report exampledoc is the example of the essay that’s provided by the teacher.. I was strictly advised that we are not allowed to use internet resources..

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Written Report.S Due: by 5pm (EST) Friday of Week 12 Length: 1500-2000 words This assignment consists of 1500-2000 word report written in the style of a journal article (see the Writing Guidelines). The report is to comprise a half hour interview with someone working fulltime. Procedure Choose one topic that you are interested in from the Topic page Do the relevant reading around the topic Identify an interesting theoretical perspective or point of view Formulate some relevant questions or hypotheses Conduct at least one half hour interview with a relevant person, focusing on the issues of interest. This interview is to be confidential and anonymous and the name of the interviewee is to be changed when a summary is presented in the appendix of the report and referred to in the body of the report. Make sure the interviewee signs the permission form (at the end of this page). Present the results and discussion in an integrated and coherent fashion following the Guidelines to Writing a Report Discuss the limitations of the study (and case studies in general), come to some conclusions and point the way for future research. IMPORTANT: Remember, it is impossible to generalize from a case study. Consequently, although a single case study can provide evidence in support of a theory, it cannot confirm the theory. On the other hand, it can be a useful tool for disconfirming theories. If our observations and results do not support a particular theoretical position, think about some possible reasons for the discrepancy. The approach you choose to take is entirely up to you. The important points to remember are: Do your reading FIRST. You cannot know what questions to ask your subject(s) until you have decided what it is, exactly, that you want to know. Select some kind of theoretical approach or perspective to guide your enquiry and to…

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on attactment PAGE 9; QUESTION 3. 2000words dont worry about other
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