Report that analyses an economic article published on internet (e.g New York Times)

| February 11, 2014

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Late deliveries are not accepted for any reason. To avoid any technical issues, please make sure that you
finish (and turn in) your assignment well before the deadline.
Your assignment consists of a report that analyses an economics article published on the Internet (e.g. in
the New York Times). The NYT is easily accessible and has many well-written articles on economic topics.
You can access these articles via The article that you choose should be at least as
recent as 1 January 2013 and it should not come from any blog.
In the first paragraph of your report, please summarize the article in YOUR OWN WORDS. In the second
paragraph, explain what economic aspects of the article you will discuss or analyze and include the
chapter number of our textbook that you will mostly base your analysis on.
The next paragraphs should contain your analysis and might include explanations of economic terms in
the article, explanations of the article’s economic significance, or mistakes that the reporter has made.
Finish by giving a conclusion.
The entire report must read between 700 and 1,000 words (approximately 4 pages, single-spaced).
Additional requirements:
– Put a copy of the complete article at the end of your report; the article should not be included in the
word count for your report.
– Do not use any graphs or drawings; instead explain everything in words.
– Properly cite and refer to the sources.
– Note that this is an INDIVIDUAL assignment, not a group assignment.
Cover page:
Refrain from using a folder or hard cover for your report, just use a cover of regular paper including:
The elements that determine the grade of your report are
1. Whether you have written the report in your own words
2. Whether it contains correct economic analysis
3. Effort
4. Whether you have used clear English with correct grammar and spelling
5. Whether you have followed these instructions.
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