Report: Probing children's prior understandings

| March 28, 2015

This assignment is an individual task working with 2-4 children. The planning, data collection, and writing of the report is to be done individually. A report is written text using sub-headings and objective statements of findings. You need to include evidence-based claims and avoid terms such as “I believe.. or I think…”. The report should be a stand-alone document with further information in the appendix.

This assignment is based on explorations you will carry out when working with children during a small group session. During this session, you will provide the children with a range of science experiences. As a part of this, you will explore questioning strategies that probe children’s understandings and provide you with insight into their science understandings.

Choose a science topic. Use the website HYPERLINK “”

If you choose an activity from another site, please ensure that you can identify the science concepts at the correct level.

Identify and list the concepts that you are probing for. 2concepts are enough to attempt. Be very specific about the concepts.


For example, a concept might be: “An electric circuit is a complete, unbroken pathway” – IT IS NOT CONCEPT= “ELECTRICITY”

Select or indicate the activities and approaches that you will use to probe young children’s understandings of these concepts. You need to be able to justify why the activity(ies) is suitable for the age group of the children you are dealing with.

Prepare a variety of question types that you will use or have used in your probing……………………………………………………………………………

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