Report on Policy Process

| July 29, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Learning outcomes:

  1. a) Describe and discuss the nature of social policy and the theoretical underpinning of social policy development
  2. b) Identify the elements and stages of policy development and the policy process
  3. d) Describe the relationships of government agencies and public advocacy groups in the development of social policy

Research and write a report on a policy that has been implemented in a workplace of your choice. Utilizing your knowledge of the policy process and stages of policy formulation and implementation, critically discuss how the policy was formulated and implemented within the workplace. You should pay particular attention to issues of empowerment and participation, and to practical considerations such as timeframe, funding, research, allocation of resources, and arrangements made for evaluation of the policy etc.


Write about how and why the policy came into being, how it was implemented, within what timeframe, what challenges were encountered, the empowerment effects of the policy, and what how regularly and effectively the policy is evaluated.


Marking Criteria

Word count, readability, and structure



In-text references and reference list, accuracy and use of correct referencing style



Clear and well-structured discussion of the key stages of the policy process


Critical assessment of the policy process including issues of empowerment, participation and evaluation


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