Report on how it relates to themes between Augustine and Plato/Aristotle.

| February 14, 2014

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This is Political Science class paper. In the specific, this class is classical political theory.
My professor wanted from me that if you do the Augustine readings and write me a double-spaced 4 page report on how it relates to themes we’ve discussed in the class, stuff from the other readings, etc.
To be specific, we’ve discussed in the class about several themes from Reeve, C.D.C. A Plato Reader: Eight Essential Dialogues. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing and Reeve, C.D.C. Aristotle: Politics. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing. Please write this paper base on those two book and Augustine reading book.
This assignment really important in my final grade. Please all you can on this paper. Do not write off topic things in this paper please.
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