Report on behavioral anaylzation

| July 18, 2016

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Determine the purpose and importance of the data above by discussing how it can be used in the program planning process. Discuss the importance of data and evidence based program planning and evaluation.

Identify the data collected as either quantitative or qualitative. Explain why the type of data is appropriate for the context of evaluation.

Using the data in Figure 1:

Use visual analysis and discuss the level and trend of the challenging behavior incidents reported during baseline (before) and treatment (after the program began).

Using the data describe the effect that the intervention had on the # of behavior incidents within Pathways.

Considering the level of data as well as any trends in the data discuss if the data meets the original objective related to challenging behavior incidents. Describe any additional considerations or analysis needed in relation to the intervention based on your evaluation of the data.

Using the data in Figure 2:

Calculate the mean (average) score for all teachers on the observational checklist before the program was implemented and after.

Use this data to discuss the effect of the program on correct implementation of behavior management procedures in the classroom.

Considering the mean from baseline and treatment along with the teachers individual scores discuss the data in relation to the objective related to teacher implementation of procedures. Discuss if the objective was met and describe if the data demonstrates that continued intervention is required in this area.

Using the data in Figure 3:

Calculate the percentage of students who rated their school experience at the highest level (5) during baseline (before intervention) and during treatment (after the program was implemented.

Calculate the percentage of students who rated their school experience at the lowest level during baseline (before intervention) and following treatment (6 months after the program was implemented).

Discuss if the objective related to student satisfaction was met. Using the objective and current data describe if there needs to be additional intervention and if changes should be made to the program based on these measures.

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