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| April 25, 2014

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Assighment task.
Your boss, in Maersk, has asked you to produce a report about “dealing with uncertainty in the container shipping market” and she has asked you to include the following:
a) An impact uncertainty matrix for the industry
b) A scenario cross
c) A discussion of the two distinct scenarios
d) An analysis and justification of what the most appropriate competitive and pricing strategy is to deal with the two chosen scenarios with practical recommendations for different elements for the business (e.g. Marketing, Finance, etc.)
The structure of the report is up to you but as a guide to the weighting of the content a
possible structure is:
0 – Title slide including your name, student number, and word count
1 – Setting the context of the chosen organisation.
2 – Setting the context of the industry.
3 – A PESTEL analysis.
4 – An impact/uncertainty matrix.
5 – A scenario cross
6 – A description of your worst case scenario
7 – A description of your best case scenario
8 – Recommendations for the worst case scenario
9 – Recommendations for the best case scenario
10 – Conclusion
11 – References
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