| May 20, 2015

I want a practical report for genes genomics and human health unit . The report sums 4 practicals in one final report that should NOT be more than 1500 words , Harvard style referencing .Please follow the files I have sent to you .

File with title “ Final Practical Report “ , is the main guideline to follow through writing this report .

File with title “ Sample “ , is a similar work done in previous years for this report . Please note this is a sample not the main guideline to follow . It gives you better idea of how the final report should look like but not to follow it thoroughly as it has many mistakes .

File with title “ Data “ , is the data of my own practical results that need to be used to fill and write in this final practical report . Use the data obtained in this file to complete the final practical report .

File with title “ Practical Manual “ , is for further guidelines on finishing this final practical report . It will give more details about each section in the report and how to finalise it as well as the aim of each practical .

Following these 4 files will give full details on how to finish this final practical report . Please note

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Genetic variation in host and pathogen
performance evaluation


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