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This assignment will be checked using anti-plagiarism software and returned to your instructor with an originality report.
After Completion of Lab 2, Students Must complete a one page paper on a topic of their choice from the material covered in Lab 2.

It should include your name and a topic title.

It should be 1 page, 12 ptfont, double spaced.

References (with whatever format you are comfortable using)should be included at the end of your paper.

This assignment is due by the Sunday, 15 November, at 11:55pm MST. (Students with Makeup Lab approval will complete the assignment after Makeup Lab).

Please attach using one of the following formats (.doc .pdf or .txt)

Turn the paper into the “Exams, Lab Reports and Research Paper” Link For Lab 1 Report.


Grading Criteria:

Lab Report Must be at least one page. (-5 for shortness of submission).

Additional page with References (use reference format you are familiar using) (-5 for no references).

Lab Report must explain how topic is discovered, developed, and applied….not a restatement of the Lab Activity. (-5 for explaining the Lab Activity).

Turn in your Report on time. (- 5 points deducted per week for late submissions!!! )


Choose ONE of the following topics:

-Light Box II: Color.


-Blue Sky.



-Ultraviolet Light.

-Infrared Light. (IR).

-Computer Optical Microscope.

-X-ray Fluorescence.

-Scanning Electron Microscopy.

-Optical Microscopy.

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