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| June 23, 2015

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This is what my classmate wrote as his assignment..lets reply to his work, we can keep it simple.. Thanks

Biopsychology and  Perception 

It was almost 8pm, well after the day shift had ended and I sat at my desk writing up the events of the day and my daily reports. My office is located in a building that houses the entire service department as well as all the supervisor’s offices. Usually the halls and building become eerily quiet after day shift ends. I tend to leave my door open so I can keep an ear out for anyone coming or going from the building. I also have no windows in my office, so it helps to circulate the air a bit. That day, I hadn’t been sitting for more than a few minutes when I heard two voices right outside my office. One voice I recognized as a fellow supervisor and the other was one of my workers. I was easily able to hear their entire conversation taking place. They were having a discussion about the order in which people were chosen for overtime and a discrepancy. I remember jotting down a little note on my desk pad, to bring up overtime in our next weekly meeting. A few minutes later I heard the discussion end. I finished up what I needed to do and I went home. The following morning I arrived to my office around 5:30am. I  barely had my butt in my chair when my superior came in and shut my door. He asked me if I was in my office the night prior and had I heard any of the conversation that had taken place between the supervisor and employee. I of course said yes. He then asked me to write down exactly what I had heard or observed in detail and to try to be as specific as I possibly could. At first I felt extremely nervous. I thought about all that had happened and sat there wondering what the heck was going on. I kept thinking what happened and why do I have to do this. It was just a typical work conversation. When I was finished writing what I had observed, I went to my boss’ office to hand in my write up of what happened. I handed in the letter. My boss then explained to me that the supervisor was accusing the employee of threatening him. I was shocked at what I was hearing. The supervisor was saying that my employee said, “You’re going to find yourself in a sling”. Having heard the entire conversation I had heard my employee say,” You’re going to find yourself in a hearing”. So now I knew why my boss was having to get me involved. Where I feel I was fooled was, both sides of the disagreement say the conversation became heated. I think that I am so used to hearing difficult conversations, I became numb to the sounds of peoples voices becoming escalated. I never thought at one point during that conversation that I needed to go out into the hallway to intercede on their conversation. I honestly just felt it was two people having a discussion. I didn’t notice any inflections in their voices that had me think differently. Knowing that my employee never threatened the supervisor, and was being threatened to be suspended without pay, I had to take some action. After reading and learning more about the how the ear and the brain work in conjunction with each other, I have a deeper understanding of how auditory functions can play a huge part in our daily perceptions. Because there was little JND but not an immense amount, I didn’t perceive what was happening right outside my door for what it really was. I had experienced my own, In-attentional blindness. Had I not been so focused on my work, maybe I wouldn’t have missed what was really happening 4 feet from me.



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Retrospective analysis of personality


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