Repeated Battle of Sexes

| March 25, 2014

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Write down a long paper discussion of the article Repeated Battle of Sexes: Experimental Evidence and Individual Evolutionary Learning by Jasmina Arifovic and John Ledyard.(I will upload this paper for you)
In your submission, please(basically, you write summary and analyses of this paper)
1. Explain the research question and the purpose of the experiment;
2. Discuss the theoretical predictions;
3. Discuss experimental setup;
4. Discuss conclusion;
5. Provide a critical analysis of the experiment. What could the authors have done differently? Some literature search on the subject may be useful here. However, please make sure you reference any academic sources. Do not copy and paste from the paper. Instead, please paraphrase.
(Please ,please, please write ALL 5 points stated above, last time, I placed order at this website with same instructions just like the instructions above, but you only stated first 4 points in the paper, and I got 7/10 for that paper, so, this time, please, I’m begging you, write all 5 points, don’t let my grade even down, please)
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Category: Gender and Conflict Studies

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